Sunday, December 23, 2012

ఎందుకు నాలో ఈ అలజడి !!

My heart feels like it’s torn in two, 
Why can't I just be with you?
Everyday another tear, 
Everyday a lot more fear.
I want to hold you in my arms, 
I want to keep you safe from harm.
I act like things are all okay, 
But I really want to run away.
I act like things are all alright, 
But always end up in a fight.
I cry more tears than I can count; 
Why won't they just let me out?
I tell myself these things won't stay, 
But I don't think they'll go away..

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

నా ప్రేమ నీ కోసం.....

As Long as You Love Me, 
I'll be your best companion......... 
 I'll be your soul mate,  
Wat ever u feel is d best, i vl b d same till the end of ur gate........ 
As long as you start feeling about my love, 
As long as you stay in my heart of dove

"I'll do anything for you any where, Anyplace or any day I'm 24/7 for 'U' " 

I'll bring you the sunlight,
I'll make sure to comfort your tears all d night......
I'll fight all my life,
To chase all your fears of that r killing u like a knife.....
As long as forever, My love will be true!!
forever its perfect as a glue..... 

I may not seen u nor met u still - But i would Promise u
"I Would
u 4ever and ever"

నీ కోసమే నా నిరీక్షణ..

Waiting for the time when those feelings of Fairy tales even happen 2 me

They are really so Cute & Sweet feeling tat would happen for only few and only once in their 
life time

Hope my Dream will soon Cum True

And that would be my lucky Day in my whole Life

"My Dear, Hope i c u soon"

Monday, December 17, 2012

నాకు ఇలాంటి అబ్బాయి కావాలి..

Who calls me CUTE instead of HOT....

Who CALLS me back when i HANG up....

Stay's AWAKE just to watch me SLEEP....

Who first KISSES my FOREHEAD, then my LIPS....

Who should proudly SHOW the world what I mean to HIM...

And HOLDS my HAND in front of his friends n 'not' my WAIST.....

Who constantly remind me....

How much he CARES me n tells how LUCKY he is to have me....

And last but not least.... need some 1 who turns to his friends n say

"She is my LIFE"